Pikaconnect 2.0

PIKACONNECT 2.0 has arrived! Check it now!

Finally New version of Pikaconnect (Pikaconnect 2.0) has arrived, you can update to enjoy new features

– New game level: There are 2 game levels to be added, more difficult, they’re really tough challengers.

– New game mode: Skill mode: In this mode you wont care about time however you will care about your move. you have to choose best moves to win the game (Warning: It could make you crazy:))

– Save your game: We have received hundred of required from you, one of them is saving game and now this feature is available, it help you replay your level you saved, however it can be deleted when you clean, reset your device etc.

Now it’s time to update! thank you for loving our game.

Pikaconnect 2.0



By Acogame

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