Wheel of words an exciting game with words

You’ve already known Wheel of fortune? A famous game show in the world. Now you can feel the experiences of Wheel of  fortune show on your own device with thousand panels words, phrases, idioms…


Wheel of Fortune TV Show

Let’s spin the wheel and discovery many fun from amazing Free Game WHEEL OF WORDS

Download Free now from Google Play Wheel of Words



By Acogame

Say goodbyte to our little friend: Pikaconnect

Pikaconnect is the first game ever of Acogame, it’s an awesome game and hit approximately 100.000 download (100.000 tablet and 4inch widescreen phone) it’s an awesome work we did.

And now we moved all beautiful features of Pikaconnect to new it’s twin – the newest our game: Where’s My Buddy.

It’s provide a new better experience to player, more beautiful, faster and more features:

You can download Where’s My Buddy on Google Play now: Download Now :

We will close Pikaconnect soon when all our customer move to new his successor (You can keep Pikaconnect but we highly recommend you download new version to get full features)

By Acogame

Where’s my buddy – Excellent twin of Pikaconnect

We’re worked hard to build Where’s my buddy, it’s the great twin of PIKACONNECT 2.0 and the most excellent app of ours. Where’s my buddy is the same play rule as PIKACONNECT 2.0 but more power, more beautiful and more sexy.

Where’s my Buddy is coming soon!

Some features


Cute color it’s a good design for woman.


Feature Real-time saving: You can save the game everywhere and everytime and replay the game from the point you save, your challenger will be more easy.


Legend design will be maintained on Where’s my Buddy.


New exciting cards.






By Acogame
Pikaconnect 2.0

PIKACONNECT 2.0 has arrived! Check it now!

Finally New version of Pikaconnect (Pikaconnect 2.0) has arrived, you can update to enjoy new features

– New game level: There are 2 game levels to be added, more difficult, they’re really tough challengers.

– New game mode: Skill mode: In this mode you wont care about time however you will care about your move. you have to choose best moves to win the game (Warning: It could make you crazy:))

– Save your game: We have received hundred of required from you, one of them is saving game and now this feature is available, it help you replay your level you saved, however it can be deleted when you clean, reset your device etc.

Now it’s time to update! thank you for loving our game.

Pikaconnect 2.0



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You missed something:Your rating help us improve your play experience

If you read this article you probably already have the interesting moments with our games, thanks for choosing them.

We are trying to improve our game and give you a better experience, you can help us by rating our game, writing your review: it’s good, it should be improved or even it’s so bad, we always listen to your reviews and they are the important source help us create better game.
It’s really simple:
and update your reviews
Update your reivews

Update your reviews


Thank you

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PIKACONNECT – We’re working towards making our game more widely available

Dear user!

Thank you for using our apps and rating them! we proud to announce that there are about 15.000 users have installed our apps and almost of you feel satisfied with our products, A Great Encouragement.

But nothing’s is perfect! it still exists bug, compatibility issue and We’re working towards making our game more widely available.

we hope that you can install our apps and feel satisfied with them soon!

Any problems, mail to us:acogameinfo@gmail.com

Nice weekend our dear users!

By Acogame